Weekly Review: June 10-14

I remembered to get a few pictures from school this week! 

We have some awesome science experiment books, so the girls decided they wanted to try and make solar ovens. They didn’t toast so well, but we hypothesize that  they will make yummy s’mores! Unfortunately it rained a lot and we didn’t get to try it out. Next week we will be at camp so it will have to wait until later in the summer! 

We tried out a wonderful new math manipulative called Hands on Equations. I highly recommend it! We are using the app version which teaches very clearly and is quite affordable. These two are taking Pre-Algebra (Beth) and Algebra 1 (Rose). I had them work through the lessons rather quickly because there are times when they have not understood how equations worked exactly. This seemed to clear up some of the confusion. Grace is working through 4th grade math already and I’m having her do this as well, just at a slower pace. 

Nothing like a little summertime recess at the pool! 

And this, my friends, is what I have been up to during my spare time! I have the privilege to lead worship for the elementary kids at church camp next week. I’m excited and nervous. I love to lead worship, but I’m just a little nervous because I’ll be the only one singing and playing the piano. But I’m praying and practicing and I know the Lord will bless! 

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