Week in Review: August 19-23

 We had a really eventful week! Beth ran in her first cross country meet. She came in 7th! I’ve been surprised at just how much she loves running. I’m not a runner. My husband is and has loved coaching her and her teammates this season. 

All three of the girls had the chance to dance at Shindig on the Green as well! This is a wonderful mountain folk festival our clogging team has participated in for many years. This is our second year participating (3rd year clogging) and we already can’t wait until next year! One of the best parts was that my husband’s sisters and her family as well as other good friends of ours were able to attend. 

In between these two events we have been working on literature, writing, grammar, spelling, and mathematics. I’m in the midst of starting back up piano lessons and getting ready for my English class beginning in early September as well as finishing up some writing projects due at the end of the month. I have found one of my favorite things to do in the midst of the busyness is to sit outside on our porch. We live in the suburbs and I long for sounds of nature, a reminder of God’s presence in the midst of the hubub. Little reminders like the beauty of a humming bird in flight just as she prepares for a sip of nectar. This day I perched myself in the yard and a bit closer to the feeder. I snapped several pictures, but this one is my favorite. 

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