The Family Guide to Aromatherapy: A Net Galley Review

In 2013 my sweet neighbor introduced me to essential oils. I had never heard of this prior to her mentioning it and she was kind enough to help guide me through some of the basics. I was about as skeptical as you could get, although my husband was even more skeptical. We have both changed our minds, however, as we have seen the benefits of many essential oils for our family. First, know that I am still a skeptic by nature. Second, I do not assume everything I read online is worthy to be called truthful. Third, we do still use over the counter medicines when needed. I have found a happy balance in “natural” and “created” medicines. I see both as beneficial, when used appropriately, and both given by the Lord. 

This is the first handbook type material I have read about essential oils that was not directly from a company which sells them. I appreciated the down-to-earth advice and sensible warnings/guidelines given within these pages. Whether you are novice or experienced essential oil user, I think you will find a wealth of wisdom here. I greatly appreciated the pages with warnings. There is some really bad essential oil advice going around the internet. Much of what is encouraged to be ingested is just anecdotal at best and at worst I’m concerned may be at times a selling strategy. The one and only oil I put directly into my mouth (peppermint) is specifically formulated (diluted) to be ingested by the company which sells it and even that should be regulated doses such as any medication.

I also greatly appreciate the various recipes included. There are sooooo many for every stage of life! Pregnancy, nursing, babies, children, teens, adults, elderly…there is something for everyone! The recipes are very specific for how many drops and how much dilution. I’ve already found a few to use such as Bug Off Spray (for bug repellent) and Settled and Sleepy Diffusion Blend. Each recipe specifically lists what ages it is safe to use with.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this wonderful guide! You will find it an invaluable resource. 
Disclaimer: I was given this title through Net Galley in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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