Week in Review: November 4-8

Basketball season is in full swing and we are working hard at school and around the house too! 

In other news we spent this week decorating for Christmas and swapping out the summer clothes for winter. My husband will be away next week and the following week will have a minor procedure on his knee so I insisted we get these things done while he could still help! Notice Grace’s gingerbread shirt. It has been passed through all three girls now and is one of our favorites! We love a good pun around here. 

I also have a new French Toast cook in the house! She offered to make both regular and gluten free and oh did we enjoy it ever so much! 

Rose’s first home game was this Tuesday. We didn’t get the outcome we would have liked, but I do love watching my girl play! 
She’s number 4 with the ball in this shot. It’s a young team for varsity but they hold their own are already improving. 

Things are gearing up to be pretty bust and we are all adjusting to the new schedule. It will probably take a few weeks, but I’m so grateful for the many opportunities my kids have in the community as homeschoolers. I know not everyone has these and we are truly blessed! 

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