Week in Review: November 11-15

Last week was the first time in a long time my husband went away without us. I’m so glad he had the opportunity because he, his brother, and our nephews helped his parents build a much-needed shed. So this is what he did all week…

Meanwhile our girls week consisted of: School, clogging, basketball, more clogging, and more basketball! It was a good week, but I sure did miss my man. He’s a huge help around here with everything. Our schooling focused mostly on Heart of Dakota history and French. 

I didn’t get many pictures, but here are a few things that happened…

Enchiladas with red sauce and white sauce (queso cheese) are one of our favorites these days! 

The girls worked together to create a Cutie Car Hotel for Grace! Their creativity is always a fun process to watch! My favorite part is the little gas pump on the bottom left corner. 

The girls danced at an assisted living center this time and had great fun! Dancing for these communities are some of our favorite events. 

Daddy is home now and things are a little more settled and back to normal. We of course survived his absence, but I’m glad it isn’t a normal occurrence! 

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