Family Photo Shoot: 2017

 I’m going to let you in on a little secret…we don’t pay for family photos. There are some incredibly talented photographers out there and I’m in no way saying I can compare to them in style or creativity or skill. I use my point-and-shoot camera, a tripod, and Photoshop for light editing after taking the photos. I’ve been reading blogs on light-source placement and looking at family photo poses on Pinterst. I’ve also been practicing with the light and color editing features in Photoshop Elements so I can work with our photos more quickly.
Another factor that helps tremendously is that my daughters are getting old enough they will sit still for a timer on our camera. There is no way this could have worked when they were little! We took about an hour and I snapped LOTS of bad shots. But I have learned the more I take, the more options I have and there will probably be something I can use.
I’ve been taking the girls’ photos for the last couple of years and asking others to do the family shots. This is our first try with a tripod for the family pictures and I’m so happy with them! We used the timer feature on my camera a few other times with success at home so I figured it was worth a try. I had to re-position us a few times, but since the girl are older they were a little more patient. 
We may not do this every year, but for now it is working and saving us quite a bit of money while still providing yearly location portraits which I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Preserving Memories: Week of October 15

More from 2009, 2016, & 2017
 Grace’s First Halloween!

Template: Fall Singles Templates by Miss Fish Templates

Word Art: Pumpkin Love Templates by Miss Fish

Kit: Pumpkin Fun by Little Rad Trio (retired)

 My first pumpkin spice latte!

Beth’s 2nd big clogging performance! 

Preserving Memories: Week of October 9

 Layouts from this week! Still plugging away at 2009. Oh my good how precious these little girls are!!! The days are long, but the years are short….

 Template: Retired from Just Jaimee
Kit: Retired from Chelle’s Creations
 Template: Monthly Freebie from Sahlin Studio
Kit: Retired from Chelle’s Creations
 Kit: Retired from Chelle’s Creations

 This is from Beth’s first big clogging performance just a few weeks ago! 

Preserving Memories: Week of September 17

The two digital scrapbooking layouts I finished this week were actually a very recent event! We went to the zoo a week ago and while we were there had fun on the Air Hike course. This was the girls and my husband’s second time up, buy my first time. When they worked through it before I stayed on the ground to take pictures…and maybe because I have a little problem with heights, or at least a fear of falling from them!

Beth is very nervous in new situations anyway, but heights bother her as well. She desperately wanted to go on the zip line, but was too afraid last time. She told me if I went the next time she would go on it. So I got up my courage and made the trek into the treetops. The staff was amazing. They encouraged her and cheered her on the whole way! There was even a group of zoo goers who were cheering for her while she braved a rope net. They also let me hold her while we rode the zip-line the first time! It was really hard for me to make that first step, but I had to be bold and brave for my sweet girl! She asked me to ride with her one more time and then she went on her own three more times!

And that my friends is why I scrabook. I want to remember these moments and I want my girls to have the memories to keep and share with their own children some day. Memories matter and so I preserve them.


Preserving Memories: September 11-15

I’m working hard on my 2009 album! I’m into April now and moving right along. This year has fewer pictures, probably because I was pregnant and had 2 littles who were not quite 4 and 2!!! Not to mention I had several challenges with my third pregnancy. So here are my accomplishments for this week. I have two layouts for Beth’s second birthday. Which do you like better?
Dora element: Little People by Chelle’s Creations (retired)
Boots element: Robyn Pali Designs (retired)
My Values Kit from Forever Sisters Scraps – recolored (retired)
My Values Kit from Forever Sisters Scraps (retired)
Autumn Splendor and Fall Harvest by My 4 Princesses Designs (retired)

Preserving Memories: 2009 Photos

 This week I’ve been working on page from 2009. Looking back over these wonderful times when my girls were so small has been great fun. Little miss Grace hadn’t been born yet.


 Play Together from Laurie Scraps (retired)
Template by Miss Fish Designs (retired) 

Preserving Memories: Week of July 17

 A few memory pages I’ve made over the last few weeks! Several of these are from our 2015, 3-day trip to Disney with my parents and a couple are just random ones from other years.
I do this in the evenings and sometimes afternoons (only during the summer!). This is currently my one hobby I have so much fun doing. I can usually knock out a page in 45-60 minutes or even shorter if my internet is working fast enough!

Preserving Memories: Week Of July 2

Not as much scrapping while on vacation, but I had a little time while we watched movies with the kids! I’ll be working on scanning in an abundance of my mother-in-laws photos today to repair and preserve. Probably some time in the pool will come first before the Florida heat gets to us!

Magical Scraps Galore Easter Freebie
Yup, that’s it! But vacation usually takes me away from scrapping and that is not a bad thing.