Preserving Memories: June 6 – July 1

We were camping this week, so I didn’t have time to scrap, but I do have some pages that have been waiting for designers products to go live in the store so I could post them! 
This first one is one of my favorite ever layouts! I’m rarely the subject of my scrapbook pages, but my husband and dad thought my photo taking was funny, so they took lots of pictures of me taking pictures! Ha! 

 This is from Grace’s season as an Upwards Cheerleader. She had soooo much fun!

 And a fun trip to a small aquartium that is really very awesome!

Preserving Memories: June 19-25

 Clearly I have made it a priority to scrapbook our family memories! I’m just a few pages shy of finishing our album for our vacation to Disney. This week I made a couple of layouts using old photos.
This is a photo of me on my grandpa’s lap. I’ve been scanning in photos from my parents and this is one of my favorites! 
 Kit: Summer at the Boardwalk by Leaving a Legacy Designs (retired)

This is a photo from my husband’s side of the family. They owned the first car in Toronto, Ohio and I had the opportunity to restore this using photoshop last year!  

And of course here are several more Disney layouts! I’ll be taking a break from this album while we visit with my husband’s family for a couple of weeks, but I’m just a few short pages away from completion!  

Template: Just Jaimee Pocket Templates 2015 (retired)
Kit: Choo Choo from Chelle’s Creations (retired) 

Template: Freebie from Sahlin Studio
Kit: Music and Magic from Wyld Peas (retired)


Template: The Big Picture from Little Rad Trio (retired)

Template: 365 Unscripted by Traci Reed (retired)
Kit: Galaxy Wars

Preserving Memories: Disney Trip Pages

I’ve been busy, busy, busy this week! I still had a little time to scrap which is a wonderful stress release for me! I deviated from my 2016 book for a bit though. It was nice to do something a little different!These are a couple of pages from our 2015 Disney trip. I’m trying to get that done as well because my girls have been asking about it and I am nowhere near done! 

 Kit: Return to Mermaid Lagoon and Build a Princess from Britt-ish Designs

Stitch Element: Magical Scraps Galore

Preserving Memories

Just a couple of layouts this week! 
The first is working towards finishing up the 2016. It is a collage of my husband and I being Mommy and Daddy throughout the year. This is one of the pages I have included since I began scrapbooking.
 This one is from 2009. Boy does that feel like a long time ago! I was 5 months pregnant with Grace, although you can’t really see it in these pictures. Sometimes I like to go back and do a quick page from a year I’m not working through yet. It’s so good to see these memories!

Preserving Memories: Week of March 26

 Only a couple of layouts this week! This week was incredibly busy in the evenings and I’m going away this weekend for a women’s retreat with our church so I didn’t have as much spare time this week. These are the last two “event” pages for my book! Now I just have this list to finish:
Parenting through the year – 1 page
Each of the girls pictures in every month to see how they have changed – 3 pages
Time with grandparents – 2 pages
Pets – 2 pages
Cousins – 2 pages
I can’t wait to be done! I will have one more finishing touch to add to each page. I try to find a Scripture verse for at least every other page. It’s a fun way to incorporate our faith into my memory making. I use a puzzle piece and stick it somewhere on the page. The girls enjoy looking for that part!

Preserving Memories: 2016 Family Album

 I only have 9 more pages to go to finish my 2016 family album! I’ll have some finishing touches and proof reading to do before I actually print, but I’m very excited! My goal was to complete 2 full albums last year and I did it! Okay, so it is into March of 2017, but I still feel great about it.

Kit: Silver Bells by Chelle’s Creations (retired)

Preserving Memories: 2016 Album

Here are a few more layouts from this past week! I’ve gotten more done while my husband and I watch the ACC tournament in the evenings. We are looking forward to more March Madness in the weeks to come! This means more scrapbooking time as well!

Kit: Chelle’s Creations – Heroes (retired)


 Kit: Chelle’s Creations – Military (retired) 

 Kit: Chelle’s Creations – Heroes (retired)

Kit: Britt-ish Designs Freebies

Recording Memories: 2016 album

I only finished a couple of layouts this week, but a couple is more than none! These are from a short trip we made to South Carolina this fall for a conference my husband attended. It was great fun! I’ve been learning how to play around with the lighting in Photoshop the last several week and it is transforming my pictures! I appear to be a much better photographer. I’ve always been decent at getting a natural shot, but the light settings on my point and shoot camera remain a mystery. Below my layouts are some before and afters of photos that show how taking a minute or two to fiddle with the light settings in Photoshop can really change your image quality!

 Top –  Before
Bottom – After