I Give Up: A Net Galley Review


What if my greatest disappointments
Or the aching of this life
Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy
What if trials of this life
The rain, the storms, the hardest nights
Are your mercies in disguise

These words penned by Laura Story left me in tears the first time I heard them. I was at a women’s conference one weekend with ladies from all over our district. A dear international worker shared the mental health struggles her daughter was facing and that had brought them home early from the field. Then she sang this song and I was left speechless and tear-filled. At the time, I was facing my own hurts, my own health struggles, and questioning God’s goodness in it all. Yes, He had seen me through, but why in the first place?  

Fast forward several years. I had the opportunity to hear Laura Story speak at another women’s conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2018. This time it was not merely our district gathering, but women from across the nation. I had never heard her testimony nor realized the source of those beautiful lyrics. I listened as she candidly spoke about seeking God in the trials and all the ways He had taught her through her husband’s brain tumor and the after effects of the trauma from surgery. 

I was so excited to have the opportunity to read this part Bible study part biography part conversation with a friend over coffee. What struck me so deeply about Laura as she spoke was the genuineness of her faith and of who she is. She is honest and raw about things that are difficult to be honest and raw about. We want to hide and say everything is well, when it is not. 

In reading this beautifully crafted work Laura Story easily weaves in and out of storytelling, first her own story, then a story from Scripture. This seamless intertwining drew me into read more.

While of course our paths are different, she has struggled with many of the same questions I have. How do you walk in complete surrender when you have lost control? How do I daily surrender in the face of the unknown for one I love deeply? For Laura it was her husband. For me it is my daughter. We have many unanswered questions regarding her health. Today she is stable and living a healthy active life, but we have an understanding there is something lurking beneath the surface and we do not know when it might rear up again. There are more questions than answers and the doctors are mystified. This particular book helped me to answer, “Yes,” to the Lord in how I will choose to surrender to Him. 

I highly, highly recommend this title to anyone who has ever gone through a struggle or thinks they might one day. It will be give to my children as they enter into adulthood. I plan to reread it myself when I’m once again struggling to surrender. 

Disclaimer: I was given this title through Net Galley in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Romeo and Juliet – A Shakespeare Children’s Story: A Net Galley Review

Confession: I’m an English teacher and I do not like Shakespeare’s plays. 
I honestly don’t even know if that is legal. I fondly remember my high school English teacher dramatically portraying Shakespeare. I happily enjoyed both Honors Sophomore English and AP English my senior year with Mrs. Moore. As much as I loved her and her class, I never loved Shakespeare’s plays. Still, I acknowledge his immense importance to the furtherance of language and literature so I want my children to be familiar with his plays. So I look to wonderful resources like Romeo and Juliet: A Shakespeare Children’s Story by Sweet Cherry Publishing for their first experience. 

Image result for shakespeare for children romeo and juliet

Now if you remember the story of Shakespeare, you may not find any of it fit for young children as is! I certainly did not. However, Sweet Cherry Publishing has done an admirable work in crafting a kid-friendly version that is both entertaining and true to the text while leaving out some of the more sordid and explicit details. 

One thing I greatly enjoyed was the line sketches throughout. They were darling, yet not too child-like. I liked that they were black and white sketches so they both added to the storytelling without distracting the reader so much they lost track of the story. 

I also liked the reading level which it is geared towards. Very young readers can be introduced to the stories of Shakespeare in a way that is appropriate and gentle. This is such an excellent first-experience for anyone! And I’ll let you in on a secret…if I had read stories like these first, I may not have disliked Shakespeare so much!
Disclaimer: I was given this title through Net Galley in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Dancing in His Arms: Review

We are a very musical family. My girls are all learning piano, Rose plays the ukulele and Grace is exploring rhythm and beat with bongos. She’ll start drum lessons online very soon. Beth sings beautifully! Whenever there is opportunity I encourage the girls to participate in leading worship. They sing, play instruments, and find unique ways to serve the Lord. 

When I met Becky Lou Eller at a homeschool conference I was immediately drawn to her joy for life and love of music! She has such a passion to share Jesus with children and to pass along the wisdom of God’s Word. Her CD, Dancing in His Arms, is a beautiful compilation of Scripture put to music. 

These songs are absolutely charming! They are word-for-word verses set to delightful music of a variety of styles. Pslam 71:3, Lord, You’re a Rock to Me! is set to a bluegrass style and that is my particular favorite. I find myself singing this one to myself quite often! Each tune is quite catchy and very singable. There is also one for the books of the Bible which is always a handy way to teach kids how to locate Scripture. I still find myself singing through the version I learned as a child, especially for the Old Testament.

My girls really enjoyed listening to this CD at night for bedtime as well. They are all sung by the sweet voices of children. While the songs vary in style from lively and upbeat to calming, it was a good fit because nothing is too over the top. It’s also wonderful to be lulled to sleep by the Word of God! 

In addition to the songs, there is a wonderful , 5-part Bible lesson with activities and wonderful discussion questions. I’ve been teaching Bible with kids since I was in middle school helping with VBS at the church I attended then. These lessons are simple and easy to follow no matter your experience. I appreciate this so much in Bible teaching plans because sometimes the assumption is the person has taught before and will just know what to do. Other times the activities are complex or structured in a way that doesn’t always make sense. This can leave a new teacher confused and ready to quit! Not so with these lessons. They are simple, but still deep enough for excellent discussion. 

We used them for a Bible time together in the mornings. We usually have our family devotion and prayer in the evening, so it was nice to add something together in the morning as well. The girls enjoyed it and we had good discussions! Many times the concepts were ones that we have talked about before, but there were new verses to look up and it is necessary to be reminded of all truth about God over and over, lest we forget. 

Our next step will be to purchase the music! I really want the girls to sing a few of these songs in our church service. 

I highly recommend this CD and the corresponding Bible lessons for your homeschool or any other group you will incorporate Bible into. It’s a lovely way to memorize Scripture and will be a great encouragement to you!
Disclaimer: I received this product from the author in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World: A Bryan Davis Novel Review

Last spring we attended our state’s homeschool convention and I met some wonderful publishers and authors! One of those authors was Bryan Davis. I was already familiar with Davis’ writing because he hosted a writers conference for homeschoolers at our church several years back. My kids were pretty young then and I don’t think they were even school age yet, but this author who took the time to teach and mentor young aspiring authors was suddenly on my radar! He is already well known for his fantasy series including Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire and many others.

In Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World the reader is transported into the mind of Eddie Hertz, a 12-year-old inventor. Eddie may not be very big, but he is brilliant and has created a wide range of gadgets to help him fight against evil in his city. The city may already have a hero, but he is certain there is enough evil for him to join in the fight! Eddie’s younger sister also joins his team and helps him along the way in this fun, edge-of-your-seat novel.

My daughter, Rose, is 13 and devoured this book! She is an avid reader anyway, but has very discerning taste when it comes to fiction. She asked me if there were more novels by the author she could read, a sure sign it is a winner!

Personally, I love several things about this artfully crafted novel. The idea that kids can be used in a mighty way is very biblical. The Scriptures are full of young boys and girls who did great things. We teach our children truth from Scripture, but I want their entertainment to reflect these truths as well. This novel in particular values heroic attributes which are echos of Scripture.

In addition to reminding kids they can do great things, there are also themes of forgiveness, hope, family togetherness, and good vs. evil. Super heroes and villains are very popular right now in our culture. I’m beyond thrilled to give my girls the chance to read a story that is just as wholesome as it is inspiring. I highly recommend this to your entire family!

Disclaimer: I was given this book by the author, Bryan Davis, in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All thoughts are my own. 

The Seven Deadly Friendships by Mary DeMuth: A Book Launch Review

 Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a friendship where something seemed off? Maybe you felt like you were always walking on egg-shells. Maybe you braced yourself for the sales-pitch that you knew was coming. Maybe you always feel inadequate or unhappy after spending time with the individual. Our world is full of relationships and sometimes those relationships are unhealthy. 

Seven Deadly Friendships by Mary DeMuth is the first book I’ve ever read that deals head-on with a variety of unhealthy personalities as they relate to friendships. By the end of this book you will be able to identify toxic friendships in your life and know what to do about them. We can be so afraid of repercussions that we remain in close friendships we shouldn’t have any part of. Other times there are relationships we cannot avoid for whatever reason, but if you can identify exactly what is going on you can be prepared and know how best to preserve yourself and others around you. 

The best part of this book is that it is steeped in God’s Word. I love that the author’s goal is to help readers heal from hurt without allowing any bitterness to remain. Satan’s goal is to steal your joy and destroy your healthy relationships. This book will help you see where things are wrong, but will also give you the tools to move forward in a healthy, God-filled way! 

Here is a sneak-peak at the people you will meet in the book. The tricky part is identifying which individuals are in your life because you need to deal with the different characters in different ways. I also think it is healthy to assess your own heart and make sure you are not slipping towards any one of these identities. We don’t like to see ourselves as the problem causers, but if we as Christians took more time to invest in allowing the Holy Spirit to convict us, He could use us more fully and we may find the relationships around us becoming healthier! 

As I read this book I realized the Lord has been teaching me much of this over the previous year about relationships and I personally used this book in a different manner. I quickly was able to identify some of these individuals in my own life. As I read I looked for ways to pray for them. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from relationships with toxic individuals, but what if that is not fully possible? We should recognize the role of prayer in these relationships. As I read I made a private list of ways to pray for specific people. Although there are times when friendships need to end, none of the relationships I was evaluating were at that point. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this e-book in exchange for my honest review. I was note required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own

Balancing Diapers and Deadlines from Lisa Tanner Writing: A TOS Crew Review

Lisa Tanner WritingWhen we moved to North Carolina I remember praying the Lord would provide just 5 piano students for me to teach from my home. Initially I was discouraged because I didn’t even have one student! Then I discovered I was pregnant with Grace. After she was born the Lord provided 1 student. That was nine years ago. Last year I was teaching 36 students! Woah! The growth that happened meant I had to quickly figure out how to manage it all with littles all around me! We weren’t homeschooling until a few years into my piano teaching business, but when we did that added a completely different dimension. I floundered around as my time became more and more limited. Oh how I wish I had Balancing Diapers and Deadlines from Lisa Tanner Writing  during those early years of my at-home business! 
Balancing Diapers and DeadlinesSitting down with this course was like sitting down with a cup of coffee and chatting with a good friend. The author’s writing style is easy going and easy to read! You will feel encouraged and challenged throughout every section. I appreciated that they were “bite-sized” and I could work at my own pace. If you have ever tried to get anything accomplished with your kids running around, you know why this is important! Thankfully by the end of this course the author will have guided you so that you can accomplish lots with all of your littles underfoot. For the most part, I have already implemented many of Lisa Tanner’s ideas into our home, but it took me years to figure out these needed changes. As I said before, I really wish I’d had this course years ago! Some of best advice concerns how to handle chores.  

I knew I could relate to the author when she admitted her hatred of laundry! I felt like I could have written what she did about how she used to handle the laundry, and honestly how I often do handle the laundry much to my family’s frustration! I have the beginning of a plan implemented, but the post-drying plan is non-existent so it piles up clean. I appreciated reading her real-life example of her laundry plan and although her particular way of structuring this frustrating chores works for her family, I don’t think that it will for ours. The great thing is that it doesn’t have to! The author has inspired me to think outside of the box and find something that will work so that I have one less stress in my life. 

Another section that has me thinking differently is meal planning. I already typically plan meals, but it does take quite a bit of time and I often think there must be a better way! The author suggests a FULL YEAR of meal planning! WOWZA! That is quite an undertaking. She even provides meal plans for you for five full years which is completely amazing! We definitely could use a different system although, again, I’m not certain a full year will work. I plan to start with a month at a time to see how that works. The one issue we are facing that makes this harder is we have had to make some diet changes for 2 of us in the last 6 months. Buying in bulk is difficult because of our small pantry. However, a monthly plan may work out for us. I can’t wait to give this a try! 

I absolutely loved Making Your Minutes Count and have found this the easiest and best implementation for me. When you homeschool and work every minute counts! Not only that, I have two part-time jobs as well as a slew of church responsibilities since my husband is the pastor. I’m also pursuing free-lance writing more fervently. This means that my “spare minutes” are precious few. Having a game-plan in place ahead of time is just what I needed to make this more reasonable. 

Over the summer I acquired a desk just for me in our schoolroom! I love having this space just for me to sit and work. After getting it organized the next step was to get a plan in place. I have a sweet little notebook I use to organize my various roles, jobs, and responsibilities. On separate pages I use a different color ink for a to-do list. I also include due dates so I have an idea of what needs to be done first. This has worked really well for me to organize the craziness of my life and include some down-time for me as well! 

Productivity is one of the harder areas for me. I’m learning to fight against my natural bent towards procrastination and be as productive as possible. What is beautiful about this course is no matter where you are in your life, how many kids you have, or your personality, you will  glean wonderful helps and insights. If you are a work-from-home mama, or hope to be one day, grab this course and start your journey to productivity!

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CashCrunch Careers from CashCrunch Games: A TOS Crew Review

Cash Crunch Games
One of my goals in homeschooling is helping my daughters become independent adults. This is going to look different for each one of them as their personalities and interests vary. I have two kids who have decided their life-path at the age of 6 and one who has drifted from one interested to another. With the first two I encourage their dreams, but also try to help them see other options so they do not feel “stuck” in a certain decision as they grow up. With my other daughter I’m encouraging her to pursue specific interests with a little more focus. Neither approach is wrong, it merely reflects the varied personalities the Lord has given my daughters. Still, some guidance can be helpful when thinking about the future, especially as the girls approach high school and eventually college. I was excited to have my 11 and 13-year-olds try out CashCrunch Careers from CashCrunch Games. This online resource gave them an opportunity to see what careers might both interest them and be a good fit for their God-given personalities. 
Cash Crunch Careers
My own middle-school experience of a career test was not a good one. I, who had always loved learning and excelled at academics, was told the best suited job for me was a canning factory or folding cardboard boxes. I think the reason was because I tended to be more introverted, but what an incredible discouragement that was! Thankfully my parents were able to help me see that no test should define my future! It was meant to be a tool and in my case, not a very helpful one. Still, I held out high hopes for our experience with CashCrunch Games and I was not at all disappointed! 

Beth – 11-years-old, 6th grade
Rose – 13-years-old, 8th grade
 Beth (11) and Rose (13) each took the test. They are quite diverse in personalities and interests. Beth is more thoughtful, likes time alone to organize her thoughts, and loves nurturing. Rose is a take-charge kind of gal, always rising to a leadership role in whatever group she is in and enjoys creating. I set each down separately to go through the career test individually. 

First of all I loved the format! Instead of hypothetical situation questions as I’ve often seen with these types of things you are given 2 words to choose from. You are prompted to choose which of the two most describes you. If you are unsure of the meaning of a word, simply hover over it and a synonymous word will pop up. This was simple and easy. It only took them 15-20 minutes to complete and neither asked for my opinion about the words, which surprised me. We were all excited to view the results! 
The Career report is 3 pages of incredibly valuable information including work styles, motivators & de-motivators, attributes, and matching jobs based on this information. Wow! The report is extensive and lest you think it may not be accurate, the work-style pegged each of my daughter’s personalities spot-on! They each took turns giggling as we read the different descriptions. The work-styles section is almost like a personality profile and they couldn’t believe how well it described them both. 

As their homeschooling teacher and mom I found motivators and demotivators section both insightful and useful beyond a career assessment. While I knew some of the information to be true, some of it gave me new insights into my kid and ways to best approach them and their learning. 
We had fun looking at the various career options as well. We noted some careers as being the same and had a chance to discuss how both Rose, who is very leadership oriented, and Beth, who is more people oriented, would be good fits for the same job. They thought the fact that “funeral director” was listed was funny, but we talked about what an important job that is and why good people need to fill that spot. 

After getting and printing their reports they took some time to explore a variety of careers on the website. I love how they are organized by subject and then many different options are given. Sometimes kids can only think of one job in the medical field, like doctors, but there are so many other wonderful ways to serve in this area! Forty-nine different careers are highlighted in the health services section alone! This is a great way to help give a broader range of career ideas. 
At the end of the day I still reminded my daughters that their first priority was to seek the Lord as to their future plans, but this was a wonderful tool to use alongside of that to begin setting a course for what high school and beyond will look like. I highly, highly recommend this for anyone whether you are an adult seeking a career move or still in grade-school and looking towards the future.
Some other resources from this author are the free CashCrunch 101 games and Paul Vasey’s course on SchoolhouseTeachers.com,  Personal Finance in Bite-Size Chunks. You will find both to be valuable and fun ways to teach your kids about managing their own finances in the future! 
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Season 6: Underground Rising, Digital version from Brinkman Adventures: A TOS Crew Review

Brinkman Adventures
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Our girls have been listening to radio drama since they were born. We love stories and I love the imaginative way radio dramas incorporate kids. This wonderful form of entertainment and storytelling has its roots in the Golden Age of radio during the 1930s and 1940s. When television became all the rage, many thought radio would lose its appeal. It did to some extent, but there has been a resurgence in recent years within the Christian community, especially homeschoolers. Still, not many shows have included homeschool characters so we are always excited to listen to the stories from Brinkman Adventures! This time we had the chance to review the digital version of Season 6: Underground Rising. Previous seasons have been a little longer, but this one is in their new 6-episode release structure. 
Underground Rising Season 6 Brinkman Adventures
The last season we reviewed were all stories about the family, which the kids really loved. This season also included some historical adventures! I love that while the stories are scripted and dramatized, they are based on actual events from history past and present. Some are more fun and others more adventurous. There is really something for everyone and the entire family can enjoy it together! 
I would encourage parents to preview the episodes about the Dutch Underground. While I felt they were tactfully handled without too much of the violent details of what happened to those who were captured by the Nazis, they are very intense and definitely have some moments which could be quite frightening to younger listeners. I chose to have our girls listen to those particular stories during the day. They have listened to the others at night some as well as all of us together in the car. 

The digital version was a great fit because I used my phone or the girls their tablets to listen. Sometimes I would hear the girls listening to the stories while making their beds or folding laundry. They also like to listen during mealtimes as well as in the car! We would often start the story on a short drive and finish up at home so having digital content was a great way to go. You can see the girls enjoying one of the stories via the tablet in the middle of the table while eating cauliflower and fried macaroni and cheese! This was a fun meal and we like listening to an audio drama during lunch after the girls’ science classes on Wednesdays. They are often worn out and have already talked about their day on the 30 minute drive home, so this is a relaxing time for us all. 
My girls really like the Real Stories webpage for this season! Seeing the historical photos of the story of Dutch Underground and photos of the actual family who inspired I Wonder Why? gave a deeper impact and meaning to the stories. They had heard they were based on true stories, but those in particular were quite meaningful. While my daughter is not as severely allergic to wheat as the young boy in the story, she has needed to change her diet due to a reaction to gluten. This story in particular impacted me as well as her. 
I love that the family reflects biblical values and present gospel truth in every story. While the family is not exactly like ours, I know that the content is “safe” and going to glorify God in every way. Scripture is always included and a true-to-life lesson in living out faith in real-life the central theme. So much media available to kids in the world is negative and ugly, portraying parents as naive and uplifting values contrary to Scripture. Brinkman Adventures is a wholesome form of entertainment I highly recommend to all families. 
Now for your coupon! From now through October 31, 2018 you can get 10% off your order using the code FALL10 on the Brinkman Adventures site!
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Book-By-Book Bible Printables from Teach Sunday School: A TOS Crew Review

Teach Sunday SchoolMy husband and I both went to Bible colleges and we are always interested in new resources for learning about the Bible, especially those which aid in understanding the historical and cultural contexts of the Word. We can only fully understand the meaning of the inspired Word of God if we understand who wrote it, when it was written, and the overall structure of the book itself as well as within the context of all of the Bible. The Printable Books of the Bible “Summary Sheets” from Teach Sunday School  are and excellent way to have this information at your fingertips. 
Books of the Bible at a Glance
This is a really fun way to get an overview of all of Scripture! You could use these in a variety of ways anytime you are teaching or studying the Bible. Whether you are leading a Bible study or Sunday school at church or studying with your family in the privacy of your own home this set of resources will provide a wonderful foundation upon which to learn. I love the idea of using these to introduce a Sunday School Lesson or other Bible study. I teach on on a rotational basis and when my next turn comes around I look forward to introducing my students to Exodus with these. 

Rose especially enjoyed studying these on her own. She enjoyed checking to see if I knew the information, almost quizzing me! She was pleasantly surprised at the times when I didn’t remember something specific. It was a wonderful way to reinforce the reasons why we need resources like this to help us in our studies. She knows I’ve studied the Bible a long time and enjoy doing so. She is used to me explaining a lot about the historical background and this was the perfect time to talk about some of the resources that help me know these things, and that I haven’t memorized everything. I love when I have the opportunity to explain the only way to continue to grow in the Word of God is to continually study! 
My husband has been preaching through the book of Mark. We spent one evening chatting about what we have learned so far and reading through the page on the Book of Mark. We discussed how old Mark might have been and how many years after Christ’s resurrection the book was written. We also talked about the important things to remember from Mark and the key verses. It was a great way to review the sermon series as a part of our evening devotion time. Books of the Bible at a Glance
We do not typically have a group Bible time as a part of our School day. Each of the girls studies their own personal studies. Sometimes I help them choose, sometimes they choose on their own what to study. What I love about this resource is that no matter what they are studying, they are going to have a wonderful resource at their fingertips to dig more deeply and have a fuller understanding of God’s Word. 

I really love the structure of the diagrams themselves. They are beautifully crafted and yet simply organized in a way to help retain learning. The visual layout is similar for each page and so makes it easy to locate information. The colors are easy on the eyes and compliment one another beautifully. You will enjoy using these no matter your age! 
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I Know It: A TOS Crew Review

I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade

I’m always on the lookout for supplemental materials, especially for math. My daughters do well in math., but often feel frustrated with traditional teaching methods. I find traditional curricula to be the best way they learn after trying a few other ways, but still they need something to help them see the fun in math. I Know It has been an incredibly fun way to supplement our math lessons each day!

I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade

This program comes from the same people behind Super Teacher Worksheets. My daughters usually have daily drill practice for math facts which they enjoy, but they were pretty excited to try something different! You can use I Know It on either a computer or tablet, you just need to have access to a web browser. 

Once you as the parent are signed in you will be able to create accounts for each of your kids. They have adorable little character icons so each child can have a different picture. This is great for younger children, but even my kids enjoyed having a different animal represent them! You will also set a grade level for each child as well. This can change so if you find the first chosen level to be too easy or too hard. I really like this option. While homeschooling it is easier to pinpoint missed content which may need reviewed. 

Another fun feature allows you to assign specific tasks for each child. This again is a great way to make sure they are working on areas that need shoring up. One of my kids does very well in math…until she doesn’t! She will spend hours working out problems she understands happily, but as soon as she stumbles, she doesn’t want any part of it. With this online practice I have opportunity to guide exactly what skills she will focus on each day. I love that I can see their progress and they can track their progress as well! They can see what answers were wrong and track their improvement as well. Many online programs allow the teacher to see this, but not the student so I find this to be a unique and helpful tool. 

On this exercise Beth could see both correct and incorrect answers. I can down with her and see the same problem she saw, help her understand it, and allow her to try again! 

For the most part I allowed my daughters to choose what skills they wanted to practice each day. I did guide both Rose and Beth to choose word problems because that is a current area of trouble for them both. All three girls couldn’t wait to work with this each day. They enjoyed using our iPad (2nd generation) instead of the computer and would often ask if they could do more than their assigned time to work! 

Rose wanted to make sure I included her thoughts in my review! She said this was one of the most enjoyable supplements she has worked with for math. She is in 8th grade, but worked with the 5th grade material. She is one who often has to review a concept multiple times before it sticks, so giving her an opportunity to succeed, even on a lower level, is incredibly valuable. It isn’t a waste of time for her as she processes more simply worded problems because she can apply the same concepts to more complex problems. Both Grace and Beth also thoroughly enjoyed working with I Know It although I think Rose is the one who liked it best. 
We definitely intend to continue using this throughout the year and I think the price per child quite reasonable for a year’s subscription. I see this as being valuable for students who are right on target and can use it to supplement their current work, wish to move ahead and learn new concepts as they quickly master what they are given, and as remediation for those who may have missed steps and concepts along the way. I really think this can be used by just about anyone no matter where your child stands with math. My only disappointment is that it ends with 5th grade math. I do hope they continue to create content which could be used up through middle school as I think they have done a quality job with what is available. 

If this sounds like a great program to you too, there is a free 60 day trial to interested homeschoolers and teachers!  The free trial page is here:

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