The Adventures of Rush Revere Series: A TOS Crew Review

Adventures of Rush Revere  Our homeschool learning centers around and thrives upon living history books. Living history simply means the books we read are written in a story-like way that is much more engaging than a typical history textbook filled with facts and dates. Living history books focus on the people who lived and their stories more than the events of the times. As a result our girls absolutely love history. They enjoy going to historical sites and museums and will all tell you that history is one of their favorite things to study in their schooling. We are always on the lookout for new history titles which will engage their minds. The Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series from Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh was recommended to us by another homeschooling family a while ago and we were very excited to have a chance to review the entire series!!!  

Adventures of Rush Revere

 It isn’t often the girls get to read their own copy of the books we review and they were ecstatic to do so! Our summer learning still happens, but it is quite a bit more relaxed than the rest of the school year. Everyday the girls have a math assignment and a required 2 chapters of reading. This was assigned for their summer reading time and they were really excited! The writing style of these books is very personable and perfect for today’s generation of kids. They are sprinkled with humor and because the characters time-travel lots of references to modern technology and current trends.  

I would say this series is written in a way that a typical 4th grade reader would enjoy them although they engaged all of my girls (and me) while reading! Even if your kids are not old enough to enjoy reading them on their own this series would make a great read-aloud series for your family. I appreciate that the authors spent time researching and really working to understand the time periods represented in the books.  

There are many wonderful illustrations scattered throughout the book. Some are cartoon-ish renderings of the characters, some are photographs, some are copies of historical documents, and some are paintings. The pages are beautifully created with a vintage feel and glossy finish. They are sturdy and will hold up well to many readings year after year.  Here is what my girls had to say… 

 Rose likes that the characters can time travel back in history. It was easy for her to read and they were good stories.  

 Beth likes that the books are funny and that the horse, Liberty, can talk. She also likes that Liberty clogs because she does that as well! She likes that some of the historical expectations which we have but aren’t always right were corrected, like the colors of the Pilgrims clothes. 

 Grace, my outdoor reader, likes that the pictures are in color because a lot chapter books don’t have pictures or they aren’t in color. She really likes the horse and that she read the book about George Washington. He is one of her favorite people to learn about from history.  While I am not personally fan of the style of radio one of the authors is known for, I was incredibly pleased with just how well written and accurate these books are. I am an advocate for accuracy in history. Although presenting all the facts of the events must be tempered with discernment for the age of the audience, I do not want to teach my girls falsehoods or glossy versions of history. These titles are truthful and presents the facts that are appropriate for all ages. I highly recommend them to supplement your American history curriculum and encourage you to take a look at the website. There are many wonderfully fun and engaging things to see and do there!  Take a look at why my Crewmates had to say!Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series {Reviews}Crew Disclaimer

American History from Memoria Press: A TOS Review Crew Review

Memoria Press  History is incredibly important to us and our homeschooling. Reliable history is vital! We want to make certain our girls are learning the facts, not a glossed-over story or an agenda-heavy, slanted viewpoint. At the same time, we want them to view history through a biblical lens. I have heard great things about Memoria Press, so I was very excited to give their American history texts a try. We had opportunity to review both The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & The Great Republic Set and 200 Questions About American History Set.    200 Questions About American History Set Grades 5-8The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic Set  Although this is geared towards grades 5-8, I think it is very appropriate for younger elementary if the parent works with them. I used this most heavily with Grace who is in 1st grade technically, but working on a 2nd grade level and higher in every subject. She is reading on a 5th/6th grade level and I had already planned to begin studying American History with her. Her older sisters also listened in on the days I read aloud to her.

 I usually read the bite-size chapters aloud to her which took about 7 minutes. When she read on her own it took about 10 minutes and she fully comprehended what she read. Some of the historical names threw her a little bit, but I think we all face that! I like the style of writing. It feels very much in line with the living history style we like although Memoria Press is known for having a more classical education feel. This text reads in a story-like way which means it would work well for upper elementary independent learners. As we read Grace would ask more questions and wanted to find out more information. That by itself tells me this is an excellent choice for history. Anything that provides a natural desire to know more has my recommendation!  

 When I asked Grace what her favorite part was she squealed and said, “Looking up new words!” What she meant was completing the vocabulary assignment. After we read a chapter I would have her look up 3-4 words from the list in the workbook. She loves dictionaries anyway, so the fact that she was assigned to use one for school was great! Because she already reads the dictionary for fun (Yup…for fun!) she had no problem locating the words and understanding how alphabetical order works in the dictionary. There were only a few times when I needed to guide her a little. We would look at the different definitions and then find the word in chapter we read. Using context I would have her tell me which definition she thought fit best. She did great with this!

I also chose several questions for her to answer from the student book. We would discuss the answers and then she would write them down. This was a little harder for her merely because of her age. Forming sentences comes naturally but as she is still fine tuning her handwriting skills getting those words onto the page can be a little frustrating, which is why I did not have her do this solely on her own. However, after just a couple of units she was becoming more independent and needed less help from me in this area. So many times kids just need the opportunity to try something at a higher level and they surprise me!

After the first unit we began incorporating the flashcards and questions from the 200 questions about American History set. Being that we do not typically use a classical approach to learning I had no idea how this would go over. I shouldn’t be surprised that Grace loved this, she loves everything! She had fun studying this way and then answering my questions. These little cards are very basic in design, but are a great way to review facts! 

   Grace learns best when she is speaking…she’s our little chatterbox for certain! She would read herself the question and try to remember the answer, then double check. It only took her about 10 minutes with the cards which easily corresponded with each unit in The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and The Great Republic before she could recall them. Again, the historical names gave her pause, but once I taught her how to say the words she was fine.  

 This is Grace being, well, Grace! She is vibrant, wiggly, and energetic. She loves to learn, but is usually bouncing while doing so! She was working in her student book in the kitchen with me and being her usual fun self. I wanted to include this silly shot to show that even if you do not have a get-down-to-business, workbook kind of kid, you will want to look into this American history curriculum from Memoria Press. The chapters of the book are short enough to keep even the shortest attention span occupied and the questions are not just busy work. They are well-thought through and often allow for inference and good discussion. Grace loved this and asks to work on history first thing each morning. I love that there is an answer key included for the teacher! With three children in three different levels of everything teacher guides with answer keys are a huge help to my getting through the day with ease. I can move from one subject to the next without any difficulty at all. I highly recommend these programs and am now intrigued to explore other subjects offered by Memoria Press. Don’t forget to check out what my Crew-mates had to say!  

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