Taking the Mystery Out of Geology & Geology and Apologetics from Northwest Treasures: A TOS Crew Review

Northwest Treasures  Our culture heavily saturated with the idea that evolutionary theory is fact, so much so that even children’s television begin teaching this to preschoolers and young elementary students. Proponents of the theory gloss over the problems and ridicule anyone who questions them. We have never shied away from teaching our children the theory of evolution. We think it is important they know the different beliefs which are swirling around us and why we (my husband and I) do not agree with them when considering the Scriptures. We know it will be their own choice whether they choose to believe evolutionary theory or not, but I want them to be full equipped with all of the knowledge available. This is why online classes such as Geology and Apologetics and Taking the Mystery Out of Geology from Northwest Treasures are so helpful. Our daughters take a science class at a homeschool learning center which seeks to remain neutral on this topic. For that reason, we choose to supplement at home with teaching that shows both sides of this issue. Take the Mystery out of Geology Online Course  This short class is a wonderful introduction to Geology, especially if your children have never had the opportunity to study this discipline. I also personally enjoyed this course as a brief and informative reminder of the basics of Geology so I am fully equipped to understand what new scientific “discoveries” are actually referring to with regards to geology. I greatly appreciate that this deals with both the science and philosophy behind modern geology. Understanding this pairing is vital to see why the proof used to support evolutionary thinking can actually be interpreted differently based upon your beginning philosophy.  Geology and Apologetics Course  This 6-part study dives more deeply into how geology and apologetics must go hand-in-hand. Rather than blindly accepting what mainstream science claims under their personal faith in evolution, students are readily equipped to see things from a different perspective and understand God’s hand in it all through creation and the flood. The class is geared towards ages 8 thru adults. 
I personally appreciated that right off the bat the difference between science and philosophy are discussed in a very clear and understandable way. Also the importance of studying and knowing the Scriptures for yourself is reiterated over and over again. These are all things we have taught our daughters, but having them hear it from a different voice is beneficial. 

After each of the six lessons there is a series of questions for discussion. This makes it ideal for a group setting. We would pause at each question and talk about it, sometimes returning to various portions to watch again before discussing. I’ll be honest, I was a bit surprised just how much my 8-year-old retained. She is definitely at the young end of the age range and learned quite a bit. One of our longest discussions centered around the difference between observational science and faith. I think the girls really grasped the differences between the two after watching this course. We had some wonderful talks about how to tell the difference between what can be observed and what is taken by faith, whether that faith is in the Lord and His Word or in evolution. 

We found both video courses to be beneficial for the entire family to watch together. We used this as some of our learning time during the heat of the afternoon we get here in the South. When the girls didn’t want to be outside in the muggy weather and I wanted them to be productively engaged, science videos are a great option! 
Dinosaurs and the Bible Online CourseThere are some other really good things offered from this company on their website and from Schoolhouseteachers as well. You can use physical products such as their high school course Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project. If you are looking for something geared towards the younger set, Geology for “Little Eyes” is a great choice! Some of my Crewmates also took a look at Dinosaurs and the Bible which looks fascinating to me! 
We want our children to believe the Scriptures and follow the Lord as they grow into young ladies. We do not want them to do so just because my husband and I tell them to do so. We want them to learn for themselves and chose for themselves whom they will believe. The most valuable thing we can do as we homeschool is equip them with knowledge and understanding, allow them to ask questions, and seek the answers alongside of them. Northwest Treasures is a wonderful tool to help with this along the way. 
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Smart Kidz Radio from Smart Kidz Media: A TOS Crew Review

Smart Kidz Radio   Safe media content is sometimes hard to find for kids. We live in a media-saturated society, but more often than not the available music and video reflect the opposite of our family’s moral values. Parents are ridiculed and made to look unintelligent or at least out of touch and misbehavior goes without consequence. We recently watched a new popular animated movie and were shocked that there were curse words including the use of God’s name multiple times. It is hard to feel the need to say, “No,” to so much of what is available for kids that it is refreshing when we have the chance to say, “Yes!” with excitement. Smart Kidz Radio from Smart Kidz Media is something we can definitely give a thumbs up! 
Smart Kidz Radio  All of the content I heard from this station was 100% safe. It is non-religious, but I did not find anything objectionable or that went against anything in Scripture. I was surprised to hear a section which focused on gender. I was honestly a little skeptical at first, but was pleased that this too reflected our belief that girls are girls and boys are boys. While they can have interests that converge and cross over “traditionally” accepted ideas (girls cook, boys fix things, etc.) it does not change who they are fundamentally. The streaming content is arranged with topics. It is introduced with a short narration and followed with songs along the same theme as the narration. Much of the content was geared towards character education, promoting positive messages and encouraging thoughtful consideration about how to treat others and keeping a positive self-image. I was very pleased that there was a short section about how to view parents. The gist of the segment was that parents aren’t perfect, but they love you and you should always be respectful. This is definitely a different message than what is sent in most media geared towards kids currently. 
Smart Kidz Radio There are a wide variety of music styles, but I felt like the overall it was best suited towards preschool and early elementary. My girls liked the stories which can be accessed in the podcast section the most. They were short and fun versions of some stories they were already familiar with and some which were new to them. I am looking forward to the on-demand programming that will be available soon. Being able to choose the specific content would be helpful when wanting to address a particular subject. I think they would really enjoy the Christmas classics on demand and the bedtime songs as well as some of the Bible stories.
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No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope from Great Waters Press: A TOS Crew Review

Raising Real Men   Parenting is not for the faint of heart…especially in our culture…especially when we hit the tween years! I have three daughters and from the time they were itty bitty we would constantly get heads sadly shaking from side to side, a few “tsk tsk” sounds, and lamentations upon how horrible things would be for us once they were tweenages and teenagers. Honestly, this didn’t scare me, it only frustrated me! My background is teaching middle schoolers and I know there are challenges to this age, but the last thing I encourage parents to do is throw their hands in the air and give up to the madness! I was very excited to read No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope by Hal and Melanie Young from Great Waters Press and see what their perspective was. While their work is primarily written for parents of boys, this particular title is quite valuable whether you are raising young men or young women. No Longer Little by Hal and Melanie Young  As with everything from this company you can be confident the material is addressed from a biblical perspective. There are so many voices in the world to weed through when it comes to parenting advice. Before I dive too deeply into any title I make sure I know the world-view of the author first. Reading this was a breath of fresh air! I’m in the throws of this parenting with an almost 9-year-old, a 11-year-old and an almost 13-year-old. Even though I’ve taught middle school for many years it is completely different teaching this age than it is parenting this age! I love that one of the first things addressed is that so much of the self-consciousness, uncertainty, and sadness or anger is due in great part to our enemy, Satan. It isn’t that the feelings are invalid or wrong. Feelings in and of themselves cannot be wrong, but the actions which follow can definitely fall into sinful ways. We must quip our young charges to deal with this as a spiritual battle, not merely a physical one.  Kids are going to be experiencing all sorts of new emotions and will often begin questioning their upbringing and the things we parents have taught them. I loved the opening story about the authors’ son and his declaration at 9 that he believed he was going to be an atheist! While this sounds scary at first, it is actually a good thing for children to begin to ask deeper questions about faith. The Bible never tells us to not question. In fact it teaches to deeply discern through study and Scripture so we can be certain of our faith! As our faith deepens these doubts and questions begin to be answered and it is strengthened.  There are several topics included in this book which will affect preteens and young teens whether homeschooled or not. Some include: faith, sexuality, media, family, work ethic, and the future. With each chapter the authors unfold what the common perspective of the world is, what the biblical view is, and tips for helping our young ones navigate these confusing and complex issues. My two favorite chapters were Media, Gaming, and Discernment and Producers, Not Consumers. I really like how these definitively real-life issues are addressed with practical answers with the biblical basis. We cannot ignore our society and how it has changed in ethical standards. Leisure time is valued above all else and work ethic is seemingly nonexistent, and, like it or not, the internet and social media are here to stay. We cannot afford to isolate our children to the point they have no sense of awareness or how to set boundaries. These chapters in particular spoke to me and gave me some new thoughts to ponder.  

I was excited to have the opportunity to stop by the Great Waters Press booth at NCHE in May! Their booth was very busy each time I walked by and they were always helpfully chatting with those who had stopped.  I highly, highly recommend this book to those with pre-teens and teenagers. The Crew also reviewed Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality which I am now very interested to read myself after finishing this title. Just based on the quality of what I read I would also recommend this one! Love Honor and Virtue by Hal and Melanie Young
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Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming (Volume 1) – A TOS Crew Review

Code for Teens I remember when my dad first got an IBM desktop computer. I was six and we had moved in order for him to get his doctorate at a major university. It was a big investment and I loved opportunities to work on it. He bought me a book that taught how to program using DOS. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, but I only got a few sections in. Life has changed so much since the 1980s, especially wiht tech. That programming book I had is quite outdated and coding is the new term of the day. We had the chance to review Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming (Volume 1) from Code for Teens and Rose has absolutely fallen in love with it! 

Code for Teens The structure of this 10 chapter guide has been perfect for Rose. She will turn 13 in August and she found it very easy to follow along. This first volume focuses on JavaScript. Each section has a paragraph explaining what she would be coding. Following this is a section of what you should input and finally what the outcome should be. Rose told me she loved how easy it was to follow. She understood exactly what she was learning and could explain it to me with ease. She was even able to teach me a few things along the way. She said it was logically ordered and the instructions were very clear.

 After every lesson Rose inevitably said, “Mommy! Come look what I learned how to do!” I’ll be honest, while she was really excited to start I didn’t think her excitement would last. BOY! Was I ever wrong! Not only was this what she looked forward to most with our daily lessons, she would often do more than one day’s worth of work. This is a self-paced book and she chose her own pacing. I initially thought a chapter a week, but she did a lot more. She did not work faster than I expected, but for longer amounts of time. There were times when she worked for over 90 minutes just because she loved it so much! 
The best part for me is that this is completely independent. While I was eager as a kid to learn programming, my interest did not last the way Rose’s has. I really had no idea how to help her learn this. I love the drills, challenges, and review available to make sure she fully understands the concepts. I did have her work downstairs because she used a web-browser. We do not allow unsupervised technology use yet.

She did not bring her book with her, but she did ask if she could do some coding for fun while we were visiting Florida. It was really neat to see her practicing what she learned without needing the book handy! She also has asked me when the next volume will be available because she is so very ready to keep learning! 
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Advanced (5th & 6th grade) & Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) from Bible Study Guide For All Ages: A TOS Crew Review

Bible Study Guide for All Ages  Discipleship has been a part of our home since my children were born. One of my first things my husband did as he held our girls in the hospital was tell them how much he loved them, and how much God loved them. He told them of Jesus and sang Jesus Loves Me as he rocked them to sleep. We have always implemented family Bible time as a part of our regular routine and have graduated from using the sweet children’s Bibles when they were young to the girls each having their own Bible. Sometimes it’s hard to find Bible material that is suited to their background. Simple devotions are really not going to cut it for my kids, but they also need to be reminded of the historical facts of Scripture. The Bible Study Guide For All Ages is a wonderful tool for my kids. We used the Advanced (5th & 6th grade) for Rose and Beth and the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) for Grace.  

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Bible Study Guide for All Ages

 We used materials from this company about 5 years ago and one of the really awesome things was when they saw me pull this out they got very excited remembering how much they enjoyed it! 5 years is quite a length of time for kids so that was a good indication of how much they liked it the first time around. Grace had missed out before because she was too young, so she was super excited to get to participate.  

I love the way the characters are drawn and the study is laid out. It almost looks like a comic book with the little boxed which is one of the reasons it is so very kid-friendly. Each box is numbered so it is easy to stay together if you are working in a group. We don’t usually do very much “together” learning as I like the girls each placed uniquely at their own levels. Bible study like this is a little different in that I love having the opportunity to discuss. I did have to call on them to answer because they just wanted to shout out all the answers!  

The absolute BEST part about this curriculum is kids use their actual Bibles to learn. They look at short passages (just a few verses) and then answer questions or fill in blanks on the page. What a beautiful way to begin teaching your children to study God’s Word for themselves! This is truly kid-friendly inductive Bible study in that they dig in to understand what is going on in the historical accounts.  I personally liked the Bible Summary Cards the best. Each book is summarized with pictures to help recall what each book of the Bible is about. This is excellent for all ages, even up through adult! I put these into plastic sheet covers and into a 3-ring binder for easy storage. The back of each card has a series of questions to help you remember the key ideas and important structure of each one.  

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

 There are also beautiful wall maps and timelines for young and old which are fantastic teaching aids if you have the room. Our home just doesn’t have the wall space, but it is a great idea for a church setting or if you have empty wall space in your home.  Bible Study Guide for All Ages   One interesting aspect is that this study starts in Genesis, jumps to Daniel, and then to the New Testament. This is a bit different from others I have used, but I like how it ties the whole Bible together. It really is a logical progression for the way it is laid out even if it isn’t a traditional progression. My girls were absolutely in love with this. They looked forward to doing Bible time together for a change of routine and really enjoyed the work. It only took about 15 minutes each day and they were left with solid Bible teaching when they finished. Using 2 different levels was not at all difficult. The Intermediate level was just a bit more simplified. In the future I would probably get Grace the older level because she is more advanced and could totally hang with her sisters for this aspect of learning. 
This comes highly recommended from our family whether for your homeschool or Sunday School at church!  Make sure to click below to see what my Crewmates have to say!  Bible Study Guide For All Ages {Reviews}Crew Disclaimer  

Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 from Hake Publishing: A TOS Crew Review

Hake Publishing Grammar historically elicits groans from students. I vividly remember a class-wide moan when I was in a traditional grade school class, even from the teacher! My own best teaching of grammar came from my father who taught me at home to diagram sentences and gave me a much deeper grammar foundation than I received in school. I believe the core problem we face in teaching grammar is excessive complexity without solid foundations paired with excessive amounts of time spent on the subject. As with everything in our homeschool I prefer quality over quantity. I have been incredibly impressed with the ability of Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 from Hake Publishing to address both of these problems!Hake Publishing Writing and Grammar  Grammar has been a part of our schooling since the beginning. In first grade I introduce a little bit each week and then second grade provides a more structured experience in our home. This means Grace already has had more grammar instruction than many kids who begin this series. The format is simple and scripted, my two favorite attributes for a homeschool curriculum! It is written to a teacher working with an entire class, but it can easily be adjusted to individual teaching.

The slim nature of each of the books surprised Grace. This is thinner than others we have used and she absolutely loved that she could write in the book rather than use another paper. The consumable textbook and writing workbook are a great feature so you don’t have to include extra paper or notebooks. The teacher guide has a full answer key as well as tests which can be copied for each student. I appreciate this aspect because if you are teaching multiple children over the years you will only need to purchase the student books again. I also really like that more practice is available in the back of the teacher guide for students if needed. So far Grace has not utilized this, but knowing it is there eases my mind if we come upon a more difficult concept.

Completing one lesson each day took about 15 minutes total. Wow! That is really fast. I love that there are Greek and Latin roots taught at the beginning of each lesson and reviewed in subsequent lessons. The grammar teaching is bite-sized and very clear. Because Grace has had a full year of formal grammar instruction I asked her what she thought about this. She said she really loved that she could write in the books and that it was short. She also really enjoys the vocabulary with Greek and Latin. Grace loves new words and even enjoys reading the dictionary for fun, so this was heaven for her!
After each test there is a writing assignment which will help them apply what they have learned in the structure of grammar to actual writing. I adore this application. One of the problems with many grammar programs is a lack of application. There are a variety of writing styles represented here. While this feels a little bit too structured for my taste when it comes to writing, I appreciate that it does take what has just been learned in the lessons and applies it to actual writing. 
Overall both Grace and I give this curriculum two thumbs up! We like the short amount of time it takes each day and the overall structure of the program. It also teaches diagramming which is a huge plus in my book! Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 {Hake Publishing Reviews}Crew Disclaimer

Artistic Pursuits Full Video Lesson Grades K-3 from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.: A TOS Crew Review

 ARTistic Pursuits

Teaching art can be a pretty intimidating prospect for homeschooling parents. We see the value, but unless we have had a thorough art education ourselves it is a subject that can feel overly difficult and get set on the back burner. I don’t believe any family would deny the value of art education, but finding the right resources to effectively and systematically teach this subject matters. You won’t need to look any further than ARTistic Pursuits Inc.. This well-established company knows how to make art fun for the student and simple for the teacher! We reviewed Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, part of the ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

 ARTistic Pursuits

 For this particular course I allowed my 12-year-old to be the teacher to her younger sister, Grace, who is 8. Rose has a strong love of all things art, both its creation and history. She desires to be an art teacher one day and is often looking for opportunities to spread her wings. I love giving her these chances and I have the opportunity to guide her along the way. We all liked the layout of the hard-cover book. It is engaging and vibrant as well as laid out in a clear and consistently organized manner.

I love that the textbook is for both the teacher and student so there are not lots of unneeded extras lying around. I also really like how classic works of art are used to teach various concepts. In this title there are a wide variety of mediums used so students can have the opportunity to explore all sorts of different types of art including paper folding, sketches, oil pastels, water color crayons and more! In addition to learning different mediums students are also taught artistic techniques. Some are basic and some are quite complex. The lesson on drawing figures teaches body proportion and is full of clear instruction and tips. 

One of girls’ favorite lessons was learning about texture and using oil pastels. Rose sat with Grace and walked through the lesson in the book. Grace enjoyed having her sister teach her for this course!
The book is very easy to go through, making it perfect for anyone! Rose has not had extensive art lessons, just what she has picked up on her own and through books. This shows me that anyone can pick this up and use it! Grace had so much fun creating and learning. 
Although this is geared towards K-3 I think all ages can benefit from the art techniques taught. It is not a “crafting” sort of curriculum as some art I have seen. Rather it teaches very clear art technique using famous art for observation. I as well appreciate the diversity represented in the artistic styles, but also the cultural diversity in the historical art chosen. Art spans all cultures and heritage and I love having my kids see this represented in a curriculum. 

We all highly recommend this and other levels from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. I had the chance to stop by their booth when we were at a homeschool conference a few weeks ago! It was so fun to see the wide variety of options available!

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Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures: A TOS Crew Review

Watchman Pictures

Family friendly films are sometimes hard to find. I’m excited to see a resurgence of this genre in theaters and on the small screen. We are extremely cautious about what our daughters watch. This is not only because of the language and violence, which is an extreme problem. We are also concerned about how women and love are portrayed in fictional stories. We watch very little live tv and when we do we often turn the tv off during commercials because even they objectify women and promote a value system completely opposite from our own.

I was interested in the opportunity we had to view Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures. The premise definitely intrigued me.

Princess Cut The Movie 

The story opens with a young girl, Grace, looking for love in all the wrong places. While many well-known love stories start this way, this one goes a completely different route from most mainstream films. Grace begins a new relationship which concerns her parents. She is given advice from sources which are completely opposite from her parents who are striving to raise their children with a biblical worldview. After this advice goes badly, she finally talks to her parents who give some guidance about growing close to the Lord rather than just seeking someone to marry.

I thought her love interest would be someone completely different than it turned out to be. I actually kind of liked the guy she started to date at the beginning. He was not portrayed as creepy or weird until Grace turned down his physical advances. I’m glad the movie took this approach. Usually you don’t like the guy you aren’t supposed to from the start. This really shows that you must be discerning and listen to wise council. Just because a guy seems nice doesn’t mean he is! I want my girls to be discerning so they are not manipulated in their future relationships.

I like that the idea of faith plated a pivotal role. Still, this is not a preachy film. There were minimal references to Scripture, but biblical themes still ran throughout. I’m a Christian and very serious about my faith, but “preachy” films annoy me.

While I really did love the message and themes presented throughout this movie, the plot felt pretty slow. Some of the conversations and wording in extremely serious moments felt forced and unnatural. Grace’s character was very genuine and I liked her very much, as well as her youngest brother who provided some fun light comedic moments. One funny spot was when he places an ad in the newspaper to get his sister a guy and all sorts of weirdos show up!

It would be a great family movie night if your kids are a little older. If they are still in the cartoon phase most of the time they probably won’t really be into it though. I believe my 12 and 10-year-old would like this one, but probably not my youngest who is eight. 
Check out the trailer!
My final assessment is it is definitely worth checking this out if you are a fan of faith-based films!

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Snow Unit Study & Pine Trees from Creation Illustrated: A TOS Crew Review

Creation Illustrated Our family has a traditional boxed curriculum we use regularly, but every few weeks we need to do something different. We need a change of pace so we don’t become too routine or bored with what we are working through. I love using unit studies for this purpose. I was incredibly excited to use two unit studies (Snow Unit Study and Pine Trees) from Creation Illustrated for my girls. Rose (12) and Beth (10) worked through these studies and enjoyed them very much!    My favorite part of these studies was the Scripture study. I really like that there is a list of Bible verses for the kids to look up and see what the Bible had to say about the particular subject matter studied.   

 Rose (7th grade) – Pine Trees
Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine TreesFall 2017, Vol. 24, No. 3Rose worked through the study on pine trees. She used the Fall ’17 Digital Edition of  Creation Illustrated for her study. Throughout this study She learned about the intricicies of these majestic trees. Living in North Carolina this was the perfect time to study this particular tree. We are observing their rather annoying explosion of yellow pollen currently, but understanding them better makes it a little less annoying!   The Bible portion of this study had Rose determine whether the reference was to a pine tree or a fir tree. The explanation of the Hebrew word was incredibly interesting and helpful in understanding the verses better. She loves learning about biblical languages anyway, so I liked this a lot.   

Beth (5th grade) – Snow
Winter 2018, Vol. 24, No. 4Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow Beth worked through the study on snow. She used the Winter ’18 Digital Edition of  Creation Illustrated for her study. We love a good snowfall although it can we don’t enjoy it all the time. Beth really enjoyed all of the word activities and I was excited about the mathematics section. This is the perfect kind of study for use when we take a break from the ordinary because its interdisciplinary nature covers everything! 

In the study Beth determined whether the reference to snow was being used figuratively or literally. That is a pretty advanced line of thinking for her, but she completed this section very easily. 

 In addition to learning the scientific information there is also mathematics, a word study, and a Bible study! The world is telling our children to ignore everything they may have been taught about the beginnings of time. We are scoffed and mocked as ignorant at best and deceitful at worst for believing in a literal Genesis account of Creation. We constantly weigh the resources available to us for world-view and perspective. We use many resources which do not hold the same world-view as we do, but when we find something that teaches science from the perspective that God is the Creator, it is golden. This magazine is beautifully crafted and scientifically accurate while maintaining the absolute authority of God and His Word.   I highly recommend this new-to-us resource and am excited to see it available as a digital magazine! Here is a sneak peek at the spring issue! 

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MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience: A TOS Crew Review

natureGlo's eScience  At some point in their education just about every student asks the question, “When will I ever use this in real life?!?!” This is especially true about math and most often when it is a difficult concept. I don’t always know how to answer that question to be perfectly honest. I did well in math through school, but it was never easy. I struggled to attain strong grades once reaching mathematics classes beyond geometry. I was excited for Rose to have the opportunity to try out the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience for this very reason. She is much like me in how she processes mathematics I know it is important for her to see connections in real life! I also know how much she relates to art while learning and was excited to see her dive into one of the courses. She has been working through Math Connections with the Real World for the last several weeks.
MathArt Online   One of the aspects I really enjoy about this program is that it is online. Our daughters have large screen tablets with attachable keyboards and we use these more and more for schoolwork. We use a white-list web browser that allows me to input specific web addresses, so this is how we handled this class. Rose was able to login on her own and complete the work at her own pace. She is getting older and so much of education is transitioning to online content. I love giving her opportunities like this to learn how to best learn with online coursework. 

We both really liked the video content. Even though Rose worked on this independently I took some time to view the videos as well. They were interesting and engaging. I found the teaching to be clear and left me wanting to continue watching and learn more! Rose told me she likes that the teacher explains things multiple ways and included lots of examples.There are also nicely presented slide presentations for each unit as well as extension activities, projects and web resources for anyone who wants to dig deeper.  

In addition to the fabulous online content there are printable resources as well. I liked the written material as a reference point for Rose, but she mostly enjoyed the videos. The other thing loved was the quizlet at the end of each unit! Rose thought these were fun as well. They are not traditional math quizzes at all and she found them to be enjoyable.
The units contain literature, historical, and scientific connections. This usually includes some artistic references which really engages Rose! She is very excited to continue the rest of the courses this year and I’m thrilled. She doesn’t usually love her math work and this is a great addition to our regular math curriculum. I like the looks of Mathematics in the Arts & Sciences as I know how much she likes history. The variety of historical art and science connections throughout these lessons look fascinating! I’m also anxious to have her complete MathArt in Ancient Cultures. I know it will interest her and seeing the beauty and intelligence of the ancients is truly fascinating. This will also compliment the study of ancient cultures Beth is completing this year so I intend to have her join in the fun!

Initially the page setup for the course confused me a little and I wasn’t completely certain what to print for Rose. After a short learning curve it did become more clear to me and we flowed smoothly through.
If you are looking for a course that will help you take a new look at math with your student, look no further! You will be incredibly pleased with these courses.  Check out what my Crewmates have to say!  MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle {NatureGlo's eScience Reviews}Crew Disclaimer